Teatro de Improviso: 9 e 13 de Maio, Oficina com Katarzyna Lalik em inglês

Teatro de improviso

Want to give Improvisation a try? Say yes and have fun!
This workshop is recommended for adults who have interest in experiencing improv out of curiosity. Improvised theater has no scenario or scenography. All we need is people who listen to each other and react.  The workshop will focus on basic exercises and the fundamentals of improv. Katarzyna will introduce different forms of theatre games and improvised scenes. Improv fosters cooperation and helps people get comfortable with failure and un-predictability. And it is fun!  In this workshop Katarzyna Lalik would like to share what she learned in IO Theatre in Los Angeles as well as on severalf courses in Poland.

9 May 2018 | Wednesday
7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
15 € p/ person

13 May 2018 | Sunday
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
15 € p/ person


Katarzyna Lalik (Poland), who wil orientate the workshop, has been improvising since 2014 and likes to explore different kinds of theatre. She graduated in drama acting in Warsaw. Before she tried Improvisation she worked on mime theatre (4 years) and chorus theater (3,5 years) and coordinated ministerial theatre projects at Warsaw Theatre Institute(2010-2016). In 2017 she got a scholarship to study in IO West Theater, Hollywood, USA.